A Pig with Personality

Rex isn’t your typical pig – he’s a charismatic Idaho Pasture pig boar with a personality as big as his heart. As one of the beloved residents of Free Radical Ranch, Rex has etched his presence into the fabric of our farm’s story.

Quirks and Charms

With his advanced age, Rex is mostly enjoying his retirement days, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his zest for life. One of his quirky habits is his preference for drinking water right from a hose. It’s a sight to behold – this dignified boar indulging in a simple pleasure that brings a smile to our faces.

Gentle Giant

Rex’s gentle demeanor extends to his feeding routine. He opens his mouth for me to pour in his feed and his special supplements. A careful creature, he’s not fond of having his face touched, but that doesn’t stop us from showering affection on his back and behind his ears.

Protector of the Herd

Rex’s nurturing side shines when his fellow pig pals are in need. Despite not being the father, he stepped into the role of protector when Gladys, one of our former sows, had piglets. He paid just as much attention to his own piglets by helping out Petunia. It’s heartwarming to witness his sense of responsibility and care for his barnyard family.

Petunia and Rex snuggled in the hay with their piglets!

Call of the Wild

Perhaps one of the most endearing qualities of Rex is his responsiveness to his name. With a distinct “Rex!” call, he comes trotting over, hopeful for a treat or a meal. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s a joy to see how much he enjoys the simple pleasures in life.

The Idaho Pasture Pig

Rex belongs to a remarkable breed known as the Idaho Pasture pig. A fusion of Kune Kune pasture pigs and Duroc and Berkshire commercial pigs, these pigs boast a balanced growth rate. Unlike their larger commercial counterparts who can be 800-1,000 lbs, Idaho Pasture pig boars like Rex weigh around 4-500 lbs, making them more manageable and sustainable.


Farm Friend and Ambassador

    Rex is a true character with his stubby snout and distinctive features. His affinity for people and his approachable nature make him an excellent ambassador for Free Radical Ranch. With his coarse hairs and endearing ugliness, he exemplifies the charm of farm life.

    Rex enjoying the Christmas Season!

    Mud Pits and Wattles

    Rex’s charm lies in his unassuming appearance. There’s an undeniable adorableness in his “ugliness,” a testament to the fact that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. He’s not just a pig; he’s a reminder that embracing quirks and differences can lead to remarkable connections.

    Rex eating a snack after climbing out of his mud pit. He’s filthy but cool. (Pigs don’t have sweat glands so they need mud pits to cool off!)

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